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Scanning Laser Beam Device, Working, Main Parts and Applications

Scanning Laser Beam:

Scanning Laser Beam: Scanning Laser Beam is a device used to measure the accurate dimensions of objects. Scanning Laser Beam device works by the scanning an object placed in it, by using a laser source as a medium.

Working of Scanning Laser Beam Device:

This device consists of a laser source which emits laser light, when this light strikes the rotating mirror is used to reflect the light, this light is used to pass through the lenses which are arranged one over another, lens one is paced first to strike the reflected light from the mirror and this used to pass to the second lens, where an object is placed over the second lens, the light from the first lens used to sweeps through object. and there is a light sensor placed at second lens and the measurements of an object are given by a programmable microprocessor by using this light sensor, it converts the amount of light passed on an object into time lapse due to obstruction of light.

Main parts of Scanning Laser Beam Device

The Following are the main parts of Scanning Laser Beam Device

  • Laser Source
  • Rotating mirror
  • Lenses
  • Optical detector
  • Programmable microprocessor

Laser Source:
  • This is used to emit the laser light, which is used as the main measuring medium.

Rotating Mirror:
  • This is a reflecting medium, which allows the light to pass through lenses.
  • This is the projection lenses to scan the light that falls on an object, using light sensors.
Optical Detector:
  • This used to collect the information of light that passes through the object and send to the signal processor to calculate the time.
Programmable Microprocessor:
  • This used to give the final result by converting obtain information into dimensions.

Applications of scanning laser beam device:

  • This measurement gives an accurate valve.
  • Mostly used in industries.
  • This is more useful to measure lengths, straightness etc.

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