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Slip Gauges - Mechanical Education

Slip Gauges:

Slip Gauges: Slip gauges are used to measure the object directly to find accuracy. this is also used to find the corrections in measuring instruments like micrometers, vernier calipers etc. Slip gauges are used to find a clear tolerance which gives a high accurate measurements.This can also be used in sine bar for angular adjustments. Slip gauges are widely used in many manufacturing industries to measure product accuracy. slip gauges are made by metals with a flat surface and smooth. This is made with high strength, hardness. this is made with different sizes and shapes like rectangle, square.

Precautions should be taken when wringing the gauges and it should maintain 20 degrees at the time of measurement to get accurate results. When there are any defects on the object to measure, it needs to identify the problem and process of wringing should not be done. You should hold the gauge with minimum handling, this is due to the heat transfer from hand to gauge. Slip gauges are of different grades used for different purpose. Some are used as workshop grades and some are used for precise work. there is also an inspection grade which are fine accurate in dimensions and with smooth and high surface finish which is machined with the help of high grade lapping process to make a quality gauges. To measure the surface smoothness of slip gauge it used to slide and twist on the other gauge block to measure the clear tolerance and accurate surface of the gauge this process is known as wringing. By making this process we get an accurate dimension clearance in between slip gauge and tool gauge is about 0.006 microns.

Different Types of Grades:

Grade 1: this type of grade is useful at high accurate and finding careful details.
Grade 11: This type of grading is useful at production time which is done in workshop.
Grade 0: This is a type of inspection tool.
Grade 00: This type of gauge is more accurate than many of the grades and this is used in finding high accurate details of the product.
Calibration Grade: This type of grade is used to measure and test the different types of gauges and this has a greater tolerances. This are used to find the errors in the product and to measure the accurate dimensions.

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