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Solar Distillation and how solar distillation works - Mechanical Education

Solar Distillation :

Solar Distillation: Solar Distillation is simply known that used to distills water by evaporating it and condensing it in a separate medium this process is done by using solar energy is called solar distillation.In solar distillation, the rate of evaporation depends on the temperature that obtained. there is only at absolute zero the evaporation which does not occur. Clean water is separated by vaporization, Impurities is removed by Evaporation and this vapour is collected at condensation which returns in the form of water.
In this process, the water takes a lot of heat energy with the help of solar system to get into vapour.
To clean the drinking water there are different types of purification systems like filtration, reverse osmosis, boiling, ultraviolet radiation etc.Distillation is the process of cleaning water as nature does, The sun used to heat the water on the earth surface by this water turns in to vapour and rises, as the upper temperature drops the vapour cools and return back with pure water. same as in this process solar distillation occurs.

Working of Solar Distillation:

First water used to pass through filtration by this solid impurities is removed in it and by observing the heat from sun to the required point of evaporation, water vapour rises and condenses on the glass which is provided inside it. Due to the less temperature on the glass, it works as a cooler medium, this turns the vapour into water drops and this slides over the glass and collects the water at a separate storage tank. The impure water is drained through another tube.

To observe the maximum amount of heat it is coated with black silicon.
To avoid leakages we use aluminum duct tape.
Thermal efficiency is more in it about 60-80%
This is an economical process used in modern days.

Due to the pollution and modern technology development this type of free energy is highly used in many areas, due to the low maintenance and highly pure free from pollution this is more useful.
This type of method is a clean process which does not contains any impurities in it. this type of solar distillation plant can be arranged in a small floor space also with the required output quantity of water. Due to the vapour water collected and separated from it does not contains any impurities in it.

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