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Types of Storage Devices

Types of Storage Systems:

Storage Devices: Storage device or Storage system is nothing but recording some information in a device.There are different types of Storage Devices like DVD Storage, Hard disk, Magnetic tape storage, Floppy disk Storage etc.The detailed explanation about Storage devices are as follows.
  • DVD
  • Compact Disk ROM
  • Floppy Disk
  • Magnetic Tapes
  • Magnetic tape Cartridges
  • Winchester Disks


  • DVD is known as ''Digital Video Disk'' this is the most popular known device. DVD used to read just like a CD-ROM by the transparent layer of 0.6 mm. There are only specified discs are capacities like 4.7 GB, 8.5 GB, 9.4GB etc..

Compact Disc ROM:

  • This type of storage is not used as regularly due to the data once entered into cannot be deleted in it. This is like ROM and it is named as CD-ROM. by this feature, it is mostly used for database purpose.
  • This is used to read by the help of infrared laser focused on the disk reflective layer in this the transparent layer is about 1.2 mm. for data transfer, the existing floppy disk are replaced by these players

Floppy Disk:

  • In this magnetic coating is done in both sides, in this for storage disk enclosure a square with internal lining is used in it. in this disk is divided into tracks and subdivided into the radial sector.This type of storage has limitations and this has high rotational speed this has about 360 K bytes to 1.5 M bytes storage range.

Magnetic tapes:

  • This is used as a mass storage medium, it contains with a 0.5-inch magnetic tape this is connected to computers.This has a limited exchange in data and back-up, this is used to store a huge amount of data that is about 6250 bits per inch in 9 tracks.

Magnetic tape Cartridges:

  • This is a type of cartridge which is present in the cassette, it is a magnetic tape that is about 0.25-inch size. This is used in micro and minicomputers as mass storage and this is used as a back-up medium for a hard disk.

Winchester Disks:

  • This type of Disk also has a magnetic coating on both sides of it. this is a thin and a rigid metal disk. This type of storage system consists of large storage capacity.
  • This is used extensively, the cost is low and compact in size is more advantageous. this is a fixed type storage system available storage is about 40 to 300 GB.

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