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About Tyre, Tubeless Tyre, Function and Properties - Mechanical Education


Tyre: A Tyre is a circular component that has around the rim of wheels, Tyre is an important part that has the only contact between the ground(road) and vehicle.This is used to transfer the motion from one place to another by transforming the torque and by improves the traction, which helps to move the vehicle.This is the only way to transfer the motion of the vehicle, by using Tyre's you can find the difference without using Tyre's. Tyre's used to carry the weight of vehicle and load, that should absorb the shocks caused by road, they want to be more tear and wear resistant.
They want to withstand high temperature, environmental conditions, and more durability.
Robert Willam Thomson has the first patent on Tyre's in 1847.When the vehicle starts the transmission from engine to wheels some of the power is consumed by the Tyre's due to the friction in between the surface of the road and the Tyre. Tyre plays an important role in each and every vehicle for transporting, traveling, mining, aircraft, and from agriculture to industries etc.Tyre's are manufactured from different sources like rubber, steel, many raw materials and by fibers etc.

This is used for different types of vehicles like lightweight vehicles, heavy trucks, racing vehicles, off road etc they have different functions with different conditions. this should be maintained by there properties by adding different raw materials.There is a difference in environment condition like summer, winter, all seasons.
In summer the driving condition is according to driver this gives more comfortable than winter, this provides more grip and easy turning movement than in winter. this is important at snow conditions.
The tyre is in black color due to the carbon black is added to rubber at the time of manufacturing this addition gives more strength, improves the environment condition, wear resistance, used to protect from UV damages. helps for long life, and protects from high heat. etc.
Tyres consist of threads which used to protect from damages like cuts and helps to carry the load and these threads helps to prevent from wear. when the well rotates with high speed this threads achieves more grip and increases the stability of vehicle.

Tubeless Tyres:

Tubeless tyres are some more advantages than tubed tyres, tubeless tyres are less in weight compared to tubed and it has more resistance to heat. this does not contain an extra tube which is provided in tubed tyres. Tubeless tyres proved a better comfort ride compared to tubed type. this tyres has more vibration absorbing capacity. in this type of system it is easy to fill the hole when puncture occured and air passing out from the tubeless tyre is slow compared to tubed tyres.

Life of the tyre depends on some factors:

  • Proper air-should filled in a tube.
  • The load applied to the vehicle should not exist the required capacity.
  • Brakes should not be applied roughly.
  • High-speed rotation leads to early failure.
  • This also depends on the type of road.
  • Temperature.

The main functions of Tyre:

  • Braking system to transfer the force to surface and it also depends on the tyre pressure.
  • This provides a cushion against shocks.
  • This helps in traction provides for braking.
  • It helps in steering control.
  • Fuel saving also depends on the tyre and air pressure in it.

Properties of Tyre:

  • It prevents from skidding
  • Load caring
  • Balancing and stability
  • Uniform wear


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