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Watt Governor, Construction, Working and Main Parts

Watt Governor and Construction:

Watt Governor: A watt governor is the simple form of the centrifugal governor which used to control the fluctuation developed at the time of running the engine.Watt Governor type of governor is used to supply the required amount of fuel at different speed, the main reason is to control the engine speed according to the conditions. When we need to increase the speed the supply of fuel need to increase and if there is a low speed is needed the supply of fuel should be decreased the controlling of fuel supply is done by the help of watt governor, by this, we can obtain a required load on the engine with constant smooth function.
In this process, the main function is carried out by the moment of the sleeve which moves upward and downward with the help of rotating balls, sleeve gets lifted when the two balls attached to the arms rotate and the momentum of sleeve depends on what speed the balls rotate. according to the sleeve lifted the supply of fuel to engine depends.

Working of Watt Governor:

  • Watt governor consists of two balls which are attached to both arms as shown in the figure and these arms get connected at the point called pivot on the spindle and on the bottom of the spindle there is a sleeve which moves up and down with the help of balls connected to it.
  • When the balls rotate with high speed at a fixed center of the pivot the arms get stretched and the help of connection between the balls and the sleeve, it gets lifted from the bottom point along the center of the spindle, by this, the fuel gets supplied to the engine from the storage tank due to the sleeve rises above and the quantity of fuel supply depends on the sleeve lifted, the displacement of sleeve depends on the rotation speed of balls.
  • In this type of governor when the balls rotate with high speed almost both the balls get in straight line which is also the final position of balls that rotate and helps to supply a full flow to the engine by lifting a sleeve to the endpoint.
  • Watt governor is not sufficient to supply a proper quantity of fuel this is used at only low speeds.

Main parts of Watt Governor:

The following are the main parts of Watt Governor
  • Pivot
  • Arms
  • Balls
  • Sleeve
  • This is the point where both the arms get connected at the end.

  • This is provided with the specified weight balls at there endpoints.
  • Balls attached to the arms are with some specified weight and this is used to lift the sleeve which is connected with the help of connecting rod. and according to the speed of rotation sleeve gets lifted.
  • This is connected to the fuel supply when the balls rotate, sleeve gets lifted and the supply of fuel pipe gets opened and helps to flow the required amount to the engine.

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