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Coefficient of Performance of a Refrigerator - Mechanical Education

Coefficient Of Performance Of a Refrigerator:

Coefficient of Performance of a Refrigerator: Coefficient of Performance (COP) is an abbreviation of Co-Efficient Of Performance, the system or a machine is explained clearly about its performance by using COP.By using the coefficient of performance we can able to find the working efficiency, capacity, performance, etc.To compare the performance of the system one over another we can use COP valves to identify the performance of both the systems and helps to find the better-performed system.
The refrigeration that working under heat removing or adding, to find the capacity of heat rejected/addition the cop is useful.COP explains the capacity to work under any conditions.
This type of performance is not used to find the efficiency of the system it gives an working conditions, capacity to control the required temperature in a given time.
The COP of the refrigeration is given by the ratio of heat removed to the work supplied to the system.

COP of refrigeration = heat removed/work supplied

The COP is mainly depends on the conditions like relative temperature and absolute temperature. there is an increase in COP when there is an increase in heat removed from the required system.

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