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Types of Manufacturing Processes - Mechanical Education

Types of Manufacturing Processes:

Types of Manufacturing Processes: Manufacturing of a product includes different processes and operations like Machining process, Assembly or Joining Process, Molding Process. To get a final product from raw material it may undergo into machining process, joining or assembly process, molding process, etc.Every process have their advantages and disadvantages, some of the processes required additional machining like surface smoothness, finishing, etc. all this type of machining process is to get a final product with accurate and with quality.
Shaping a required product from a raw material includes different fields including finding the material properties like strength, hardness, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
The shaping of a product can be done through different process like solidification, cutting, deformation, surface processing, etc.

Different Types of Manufacturing Processes:

The Following are the Different Types of Manufacturing Processes:
  • Machining Process
  • Assembly or Joining Process
  • Molding Process

Machining Process:

Machining is a process that includes different types of process to complete product manufacturing. There are some additional works required under the machining process even they are manufactured through different methods like Centrifugal castingInvestment castingDie castingcold chamber die casting, molding/casting, etc. like cutting, shaping, finishing, etc.

Going through manufacturing techniques machining is used for metal and non-metals and this includes heavy metals also. In this kind of  process, a solid raw material is made into a required shape by removing extra material over it.
There are different operations we can operate through machining process like drilling, milling, cutting, turning, planing, slotting, Lapping, broaching, Grinding etc.. to make this kind of operations we use different methods like drilling machine, lathe machine, boring machine, planer machine, Slotter machine, Grinding machine, etc.
This kind of machines are available to use due to the development in the manufacturing process and technology.
And there is a most updated manufacturing method we use is CNC and NC which are an automatic system connected to a machine and this are used in many manufacturing industries for higher output, improving in quality, decrease in time and most important is safety.
Modern technology improvement gets a lot of changes in manufacturing techniques and the Utilization of different machines with required cutting tools. By developing the different cutting tool materials with different alloys, they make the work easy and smooth by making strong and hard metals.

Manufacturing techniques have developed form manual type to conventional machining like Electro Chemical Machining process, Electron Beam Machining, Laser welding, Ultrasonic machining, Water jet machining, etc. modern technology takes a change to overcome the daily uses to industrial uses.
The product we use from home applications to industries, paper to furniture, plastic to metals, etc. all this should undergo into a machining process.
Not only to increase the production rate by this advanced technology it helps to decreases the defects of the product by many inspection methods like contact inspection, non-contact inspection, destructive testing, and non-destructive testing, etc. they help to evaluate the materials properties and helps to find the defects as soon as possible.
Inspections are used to find the accuracy and quality of the product and by using the destructive tests and non-destructive methods are used to evaluate the materials properties and helps to find the defects as soon as possible.

Assembly or Joining Process:

this is a method to join the different parts to obtain a final product.
In this type of process, it includes permanent joints and fastenings.
Permanent Joints are welding's, soldering, brazing, etc.
Welding's are the strong joints which are used to join both heavy and light metals, Welding are only used to join metals. weld joints can work under high temperatures, lifting heavy loads, etc. but soldering and brazing are not such a kind of joining, these are used to join non-metals also and this cannot work under high temperatures.
There is also a fastening joint which is not a permanent joining type, they are Thread fasteners and rivet joints.
Nut and bolts come under thread fasteners they can be removed whenever required but rivets are not supposed to remove as easy a nuts, rivets should be destroyed if we to remove the joints.
Nuts and bolts are reusable but rivets are non-reusable type.

Molding Process:

Molding is a casting process which is used for manufacturing a required product by solidification process. In this type of process, the raw material gets subjected to heat treatment and converted into the liquid state at this stage the temperature of the molten material is higher than the required pouring temperature before the molten material getting into the mold the molten material should maintain the required pouring temperature.
After pouring the molten material into the mold it gets into a solidification process after completing the solidification process, we can remove the mold to obtain a product from it.
Molding contains different process like Injection molding, Compression molding, Blow molding, etc.

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