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Advantages and Disadvantages of Spot Welding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spot Welding:

Advantages of Spot Welding:

  • In this type of welding the base metal does not undergo to large heat affected area.
  • This type of welding is a easy process.
  • Spot welding has a high production rate.
  • Spot welding can be applied to different metals to join.
  • Spot welding is a low-cost process.
  • There is a possible to weld multiple metals at a time.
  • It can be operated through automatic and manual type.
  • Thin metals can be welded more efficiently.
  • It does not require more skilled persons at operation.

Disadvantages of Spot Welding:

  • Only thin metals can be welded accurately and efficiently.
  • Installment cost is more.
  • This type of welding gets deformed.
  • Changes in power supply leads to weak welding.


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    Sai Shankar Rudra

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