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Difference Between CNC and NC Machines

Difference Between CNC and NC Machine:

In this article we are going to learn about difference between CNC AND NC machines, Both CNC and NC are automatic control machines, both the machines are used according to there machining process and they are made with most advanced technology to shape the raw material in to the required shape. CNC machines are most advanced machining process which has a storage system to store the program and in CNC machine there is a direct edit in the program at the the time of machining process. NC is the numerical control machine which has a different future than the CNC Machine.


  • CNC is a Computer Numerical Control Machine.
  • In this type of machining process, we can store the required program in the computer.
  • We can store the data for a long time.
  • CNC machine is more flexible than NC.
  • It required more maintenance.
  • We can change the program at any time easily.
  • Machining process is faster than NC.
  • Quality obtained by this process is high.
  • Continuous machining can be done through this process.
  • Cost is more comparatively.
  • It does not require highly skilled persons to operate this machine.

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  • NC is a Numerical Control Machine.
  • In Numerical control machine, we cannot store the programs directly and supply to the machining process, It required punch cards, magnetic tapes, etc..
  • The program stored in the punch cards are not permanent.
  • Numerical control machine is less flexible.
  • It required less maintenance.
  • To change the program is not an easy process.
  • Machining process is slower than CNC.
  • Quality obtained by this process is less than CNC.
  • We cannot obtain a continuous process.
  • Cost is less than CNC.
  • To operate this kind of machine high skilled persons are required.

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