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Difference Between Supercharger and Turbocharger - Mechanical Education

Difference Between Supercharger and Turbocharger:


  • Supercharger is a forced induction system.
  • This type of device works on the power of the engine by supplying the required amount of air into the cylinder.
  • Supercharger can improve the burning of fuel in the combustion chamber.
  • Supercharger gets directly connected to the engine with the help of belts, gears, etc.
  • Using a supercharger can decrease the knocking.
  • This is more reliable to use.
  • Supercharger can increase mechanical efficiency.
  • It required less maintenance than a turbocharger.
  • This is a costly process to install an engine.
  • Supercharger is a less complex device.
  • Supercharger develops more noise at the time of operation.
  • Overall efficiency gets decreased.
  • The power output can be increased by this device.
  • It can also improve the torque produced by the engine.
  • Due to complete burning of fuel emissions can be decreased.


  • Turbocharger is also a type of forced induction system.
  • A Turbocharged engine develops power through exhaust emissions.
  • Turbocharger has no direct connection with the engine.
  • This type of device can cause to more knocking.
  • A Turbocharger is less reliable to use.
  • Mechanical efficiency can be decreased.
  • Turbocharger required more maintenance.
  • This is not a costly method to install.
  • This is a complex method.
  • Noise developed through this is less.
  • Efficiency can be increased by using this device.
  • Power obtained is more.
  • It improves the torque at higher speeds.

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