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Lean Production - Mechanical Education

Lean Production:

Lean Production: Lean production/manufacturing is a method which helps to learn different ways to reduce the waste produces at the time of manufacturing. It involves different steps to solve the problems faced at the time of production to reduce waste.It explains about time management, selection of raw materials, transportation, machining, quality, accuracy, etc..
Lean production method helps to find waste development in production and gives an idea about it to minimize waste.
Waste development in production is nothing but it does not contain any value and represents a poor working condition on the product development this impacts on the feedback of the customer on the product, which may lead to failure of the manufacturing system.
Lean Production is developing nowadays and getting many changes in manufacturing industries, there is the main reason in increasing this production is to get a high-quality product by reducing the cost at the same time it increases customer believes.

Making a small product takes a long period from design to finishing to reduce this compactness we required comparing method and able to solve the difference occur in the complete process. it may be related to time or transport or machining. we need to resolve and should make a quality output that a customer needed.
With the help of modern manufacturing technology development, we are able to find the problems in advance like scrape materials, defects at the time of manufacturing, packing, and transportation system. this is very useful to save time and make a quality product by finding out the defect products at the time of machining.
There are many manufacturing machines is developed to get accurate product without huge waste development we have Industrial robots to work continuously, work in unsafe places, fast production rate, and there are laser machines in cutting, welding, inspecting which increases the efficiency and save the time which also decreases the labor work.

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