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Proximity Sensors: Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, and Ultrasonic

Proximity Sensors: Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, and Ultrasonic:

In this article we will discuss about Proximity Sensors: Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric, and Ultrasonic.

Proximity Sensor:

A proximity sensor is a type of detecting device which indicates the presence of any type of objects near to it. when the objects coming near to the proximity sensor it indicates the presence of an object near to it.
This type of device used to identify the object present near to it without any contact between the sensor and object.
A proximity sensor is used in Mobiles, vehicles, Automatic lighting system, automatic water tap system, etc..
The object that detects by the proximity sensor is based on the infrared light source, it used to calculate the return light of the source after striking an object and helps to identify the presence of object how near to it.
This type of sensor has many advantages in saving energy, time, and helps to find the problem in advance. This type of sensor has a long life period.
Nowadays this sensor is used in many industries to prevent accidents at the time of cutting, drilling, etc.
To detect an object the range of the proximity sensor is called a nominal range.
Proximity sensor does not shows any affects to the object, it works with an high speed response.
Proximity sensor can also used at high temperatures with out any defects.
Sensors used in different field exposed to different fields like vibrations, corrosion, shocks, etc. to resist from this factors, sensors should maintain their required standard value according to the applications so they can withstand to all this factors and increases their life  service.

There are different types of sensors available according to the application needed.

Inductive Sensor:

This is also a non-contact sensor device which indicated when the object passing near to it. In this type of sensor, the range depends on the capacity and size of the device. inductive sensor is the one of the fast respond process to detect an object.
This type of method is highly used in industrial application to increase the production, quality in monitoring, etc.
This is mostly used for metal detecting purpose.
It helps in identifying the leakages, heavyweights, speed etc.
Inductive sensor consist of two type cylindrical and block type.

Capacitive Sensor:

A capacitive sensor device is used to identify both metal and non-metal objects. Capacitive sensor works on the base of capacitance. it works with the helps of current flow, when the object is near to the sensor it get indication with the help of high current flow and able to detect the presence of object.

Photoelectric Sensor:

A photoelectric sensor is a device used to identify the presence of an object with the help of a light source emitted through it. This light helps to identify the object in three ways.
  • Direct reflection of light, 
  • Reflection with the help of reflector and 
  • With the help of thru-beam.

Ultrasonic Sensor:

Ultrasonic device is used to identify the presence of an object near to it with the help of sound waves.
This type of sensor is used to measure high accuracy measurements.
Using this type of sensor may effect to environmental conditions due to this, it has an additional protection.
Ultrasonic sensor is used in packing, automobiles sensors, automatic systems, flowmeters, etc.
It cannot be used above 90 degree C of temperature and below -45 degree C.


  1. Ultrasonic sensors:


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