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Advantages and Disadvantages of orifice plate

Advantages and Disadvantages of orifice plate.

An orifice plate is a flow measuring device, which is available in different sizes, sizes and made with different metals. an orifice plate is most commonly for flow measuring in pipes, tubes, etc.

Advantages of orifice plate:

  • Orifice plate measuring device is easy to design and manufacture.
  • They are less costly.
  • Orifice plates are easy to use.
  • Replacement is simple.
  • It does not contain any moving parts in it.
  • Orifice plates are more reliable.
  • They are highly efficient.

Disadvantages of orifice plate:

  • Orifice plates are not high resistance to corrosion.
  • Corrosion may lead to inaccuracy measurements.
  • High-pressure drop.
  • It has a low coefficient to discharge.
  • Measurement of flow depends upon the viscosity of a fluid.

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