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Difference Between Center of Gravity and Center of Mass

Difference Between Center of Gravity and Center of Mass:

Center Of Gravity and Mass explains about the point of weight and mass acting on the body or object to balance against the gravitational force acting on it. When the gravitational force is not uniform the Center of Gravity is different from Center of Mass. Mass of the body remains constant but Center of gravity of an object varies with respect to the gravitational force.

Center of Gravity:

  • Center of gravity is defined as a weight of the body or object that present in the center of the body or object. By using the center of gravity we can balance any shape of an object against the gravity. It helps to free from falling.
  • Center of gravity makes easy to hold the object and this depends on the gravitational force.
  • Why an object is easy to balance at the point (Center Of Gravity), is because of the weight of the object or body is equal in all sides, this makes easy to balance against the gravity.
For Example:
  • When we are riding a bicycle or a bike it does not falls until we are maintaining a balanced center of gravity. 
  • Without finding a center of gravity point on the object holding it against the gravity is not possible. 

Center of Mass:

  • Center of mass is defined as the mass of the body that does not change with change in gravitational force, the mass of the body is equal in all sides of the center of mass.
  • When it is defined against the gravity it has no changes.

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