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Difference Between Flat Belt Drive and V-Belt Drive

Difference Between Flat belt drive and V-belt drive.

V-Belt Drive:

  • The v-belt drive can transfer more power than the flat belt drive.
  • V-Belt drives have a higher resistance to temperature.
  • The contact surface is comparatively less than flat belt drives.
  • No Maintenance is required.
  • Complex in the design of belt and pulley than flat belt drives.
  • Efficiency is comparatively less.
  • Slip is negligible in this type of belt drives.
  • V-Belt drives are expensive than flat belt drives.
  • This type of belt drives are used for heavy machinery's.
  • We can use this type of drives only for less distance.
  • This type of belt drive operation is smooth than flat belt drives.

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Flat Belt Drive:

  • This type of belt drive cannot transfer more power than v-belt drives.
  • This type of belt drives has less temperature resistance than V-Belt Drives.
  • The contact surface is more than V-Belt type.
  • Less maintenance is required.
  • Simple in design.
  • Efficiency is more comparatively.
  • Slip of belt occurs at the time of running.
  • Less expensive than V-Belt drives.
  • This type of belt drives is used for long distance than V-belt drives.
  • Operation by this belt drive is not smooth.


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