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Difference Between Gauge, Absolute, Differential, and Sealed Pressure

Difference Between Gauge, Absolute, Differential, and Sealed Pressure:

Gauge Pressure:

  • Gauge Pressure is obtained by removing the Atmospheric Pressure in the absolute pressure. this process is done above the atmospheric pressure.
  • We can measure this type of pressure by using Bourdon gauge.

Absolute Pressure:

  • Absolute pressure is defined as the addition of both Gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure. This is obtained when we measure above the absolute zero pressure.
  • It required an Android barometer to measure the absolute pressure.

Differential pressure:

  • Differential pressure explains the pressure difference present in the system, which is obtained by measuring in between two different points.

Vacuum Pressure:

  • Vacuum pressure is obtained by eliminating the absolute pressure in the atmospheric pressure, this is obtained by measuring below the atmospheric pressure.

Atmospheric Pressure:

  • This is the normal pressure of air present on the surface area. Eliminating a gauge pressure from absolute pressure, we can obtain an atmospheric pressure.

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