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Steel and Different Types of Steel

Steel and Different Types of Steel:


Steel is a ferrous metal which has a various amount of carbon present init along with some additional elements. Steel is divided into different categories in grades with respect to physical, mechanical, environmental properties and also based on the chemical composition.Different types of steel can be classified by carbon content, composition, production, etc. The steel that contains low carbon is subjected to low Heat Treatment. and micro structure of the steel can help to find the strength and hardness of the metal.

Different Types of Steel:

Based upon the carbon content Steel is divided into Three Types they are as follows

  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • High Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel:

Low Carbon Steel is also called as mild steel. the carbon content is about 0.03% to 0.3%. This type of steel is mostly used for manufacturing parts, bolts, nuts, tubes, etc.
Low carbon steel is more useful in manufacturing drawing steel products due to less carbon content. in this type of steel products, an additional element(Aluminum) is used to obtain the required properties.
It has Elongation property, Malleability, High ductility, etc. and this steel is not good at heat treatment.

Medium Carbon Steel:

In Medium carbon steel, it has around 0.30% to 0.6% of carbon in it. This type of steel is stronger than Low carbon steel.
It has High toughness, more strength, High-temperature resistance, and ductility. The heat treatment process is better than low carbon steel.
This type of steel is used in the Automobile industry for different parts of the engine.

High Carbon Steel:

High carbon steel has around 0.60% to 1.5% of carbon init. This type of steel is stronger steel than the above types. It is tough, high strength, high-temperature resistance, etc.
This type of steel has less ductility due to the presence of high carbon.
This type of steel is mostly used for cutting tools due to high-speed quality, shock resistance and heat treatment is better.

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