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Lamont Boiler: Working and Main parts of Lamont Boiler - Mechanical Education

Lamont Boiler:

Lamont Boiler is type of water tube boiler which contains small diameter tubes inside the boiler. Lamont Boiler working pressure is about 170 bar. And in this type of boiler, an air-preheater is used for improving the efficiency of the boiler by supplying the hot air to the furnace.

Working of a Lamont boiler :

Lamont boiler used to intake the water from a storage tank and supplied to an economizer where the heat from the hot flue gases gets transferred to the water present in the tubes of the economizer. The hot flue gases are developed by burning the fuel in the furnace. Water gets circulated through the tubes present in the boiler with the help of an external pump which is a centrifugal pump. Due to the transferring of heat from hot flue gases to water, it generates steam in it, and this steam gets separated at the place called steam separator drum. At this separator, the steam gets divided from water but it contains some amount of moister init to reduce the moister present init, it used to supply into the radiant evaporator, at this place the steam temperature gets increased and this steam is collected at a steam separator to supply into the super heaters which increases to high temperature which eliminates the complete moister present it and further supply to the turbine house to run the generator.
The steam in the boiler heat for multiple time to reduce the moister in the steam, because it may affect the turbine blades and leads to corrosion.

Main Parts of Lamont boiler:

Water tubes:

Water tubes in the Lamont boiler are smaller in diameter which used to circulate the water int.


This is used to transfer the heat from the hot flue gases to water present in the tubes.

Air-pre heater:

This is used to supply the hot air into the furnace, which increases the efficiency of the boiler.

Radiant Evaporator:

This is used to increase the temperature of the steam entered into it and converts into a saturated steam.

Steam Separator:

Steam Separator plays an important role in dividing the water and steam.

Super Heaters:

This is used to increase the temperature of the saturated steam entered into it from the radiant evaporator.

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