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Light Energy: Uses of Light Energy and Applications

Light Energy: Uses and Applications of Light Energy:

Light Energy: Light energy is a type of kinetic energy, which can transfer from one place to another place in the form of electromagnetic waves. Light energy can be converted into so many forms like solar energy, heat energy, chemical energy, etc. Light energy received by the earth is used in different ways by converting into a required medium.
Light energy can be used to generate a huge power which is possible through solar energy and solar energy can also be converted into heat energy for different distillation purposes.
Light energy can be converted into chemical energy, this process is possible in plants for self-energy gaining like photosynthesis.

Light is used to find the speed and distance because it is the only source that man can calculate perfectly and accurately, when the distance and speed is cannot calculated in normal ways. calculations depend upon the light speed is introduced by Albert Einstein. he proves that light has also effects by gravitational force. the light changes its direction according to the gravitational force. depending upon the gravitational force speed also changes. This theory is explained by Albert Einstein in the ''Relativity Of Theory''.
Light energy can be calculated with the help of wave length produced by the light, it is different for different source of light that emit from. Wave length can be calculated by taking the two equal points on the wave length and measuring the distance between them.
Distance between Two successive Crests or Through is called a wave length.

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