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Most Common Uses of Aluminium

Most Common Uses of Aluminium 


Aluminum is one of the most used metals on the earth and it is one of the most abundant metals in the earth. Aluminum has many advantage properties to use in different fields. Aluminum has a melting point about 660\deg C and Boiling point is about 2518\deg C.  It is the less weight material that we are using to decrease the weight of products, vehicles, etc. and it has a high strength to weight ratio.

Aluminum Properties:

  • High Resistance to Corrosion.
  • High Strength to weight ratio.
  • High-Temperature resistance.
  • Electrically Conductive.
  • High Machinability Characteristics.
  • More Durable.
  • Ductile.
  • Malleable.

Most Common Uses of Aluminum:

The Following are the most Common Uses of Aluminum
  • Transporatation
  • Electricity Supply
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Construction


Due to less weight and high resistance to corrosion, Extrudable, forgeable, stretch formable, Toughness, it is highly used in the automobile industry and in the aerospace industry. Aluminum decreases the overall weight of the vehicle and increases life due to high resistance to corrosion. Due to less weight the efficiency of speed, fuel, etc. can be increased. and aluminum required less maintenance than another type of metals. due to modern technology development, Aluminum is highly using in the automobile industry because it can achieve different properties when it mixed with different metals like Copper, Manganese, Silicon, Magnesium, etc. It is more flexible, High Machinability, strong, etc. this properties helps to increase the usage of Aluminium.

Electricity Supply:

Aluminum is the most common material we use in electricity supply. even though it is not fully an electrical conductivity, when it mixed with copper it enhances the complete electrical properties. Aluminum is used instead of copper due to less weight, more corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, less cost, etc.

Heat Exchangers:

Aluminum is used for heat exchangers, which can decrease the high temperature of heat objects. 
Aluminum is used for different products from home applications to industry applications. You can find various types of objects around you from toys to pipelines and form cocking products to the current supply system.


Using aluminum is not used highly in olden days but it is increased highly due to more advantages than any other metals. it has a high strength to weight, which can be used to support huge buildings, bridges, can construct beams, etc. Due to high resistance to corrosion can withstand to long life. They do not require additional coatings. 
Most of the engineering applications are made out of this metal and Physical properties, chemical properties, and mechanical properties are depends upon the aluminium composition and micro structure


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