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What is a Pitot Tube - Construction, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a Pitot Tube - Construction, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Pitot Tube?

A Pitot Tube is a flow measuring device used in different applications of airflow and liquid flow measurements. Pitot tube helps to find the flow rate in different fields like Aircraft, Racing Cars, Water supplying tubes, Gas tubes, etc.A pitot tube is a simple construction device which is an inexpensive one to use.

Types of Pitot Tube?

This type of machine consists of Three types.
  • Simple Pitot Tube.
  • Static Pitot Tube.
  • Pitot-Static Tube.
To find the flow rate of air or liquid pitot tube is used to install in the required area of air or liquid flow. A pitot tube is made to resist vibrations due to the flow difference can disrupt the device.
To find out the flow rate of the medium, the Difference between Static pressure and Total press gives the rate of flow of the medium.
Due to More Reliable it can used under high temperatures with accurate measurements. but this cannot stands to high vibrations.
Pitot Tube is used to find the flow rate by calculating  both the values of Static pressure(Incoming flow) and Total pressure, and finding the difference gives an flow rate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Pitot Tube:

Advantages of Pitot Tube:

  • Pitot Tube is Less expensive.
  • Pitot Tube is More Reliable.
  • Accuracy of measurement is obtained.
  • Design is simple.
  • Works Under any Environmental conditions.
  • Pitot Tube can be used at higher temperatures.


  • Unwanted particles present in the medium may lead to damage of pitot tube.
  • High Vibrations may damage to the device.

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