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Vertical Centrifugal Pump, Working, Main parts and advantages - Mechanical Education

Vertical Centrifugal Pump working, Main parts and advantages:

Vertical Centrifugal Pump:

A Vertical Centrifugal Pump is used to supply the different types of liquids from a storage tank to a required place. A Vertical Centrifugal Pump consists of an impeller which is used to connect with an external electric motor shaft to rotate it and produces a centrifugal force, which is used for function as suction on the inlet and discharge on the outlet.
A Vertical Centrifugal pump is more stable and efficient to operate at high temperatures. This type of pump is a fixed installation type and the required space is less.
This type of pump consists of a unique shaft and obtains a laminar flow.
When a vertical centrifugal pump works under high suction pressure it is not easy to balance due to an overhanging design.

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Main Parts of centrifugal pump:

Electric motor:

It is used to connect with the input shaft of the impeller to rotate it and develops a centrifugal force.


A casing is the cover part of the centrifugal pump which protects the complete internal portion of the centrifugal pump.


The impeller is used to supply the water with high pressure to the outlet. impeller used to rotate with the help of an electrical motor attached to it.

Suction pipe:

This is used to collect the water/fluid from the storage tank and supplies to impeller.

Delivery pipe:

This is present at the end of the pump to supply the outlet water/fluid which is at high pressure.

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Working of a Vertical Centrifugal Pump:

At first, we need to check the pump clearly if there is any gas present in it, to remove this gases we need to fill it with water/fluid, now it gets ready to start. when we start the centrifugal pump the electric motor connected to the pump rotates the impeller and the liquid is drawn from the tank by the suction pump due to the vacuum produced by the centrifugal force and this makes the fluid/water to flow through the pump with high pressure this is due to the load torque applied on the impeller and on the other side of the pump high-pressure water is used to pass out by the delivery pipe.

Advantages of Vertical Centrifugal Pump:

This pump has a high resistance to temperature and chemicals.
A Vertical Centrifugal Pump is constructed strongly.
It is more reliable.
A Vertical centrifugal pump offers more stability for continuous operation.
It is free form leaks with is done with mechanical seals.
This pump can installed in small areas.
It is made to work under high pressure.

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