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What is Master Cylinder and How Master Cylinder Works - Mechanical Education

Master Cylinder:

Master cylinder is used for converting the brake pedal force into pressure and helps to control the speed of wheel rotation in automobiles. Master cylinder plays an important role in braking system to control the speed of vehicles, Master cylinder is the main cylinder to supply the required and equal  amount of brake oil into all the cylinders at a time to push the pistons against the brake pads or drums and make to get in contact with rotating disc attached to the wheel.
Due to high-speed vehicles present in nowadays, there are a lot of changes take places in controlling the speed of the vehicle. Speed controlling is most important in saving from accidents, and this master cylinder is designed to work with more efficiently.
Master cylinder is used to supply the required amount of brake oil into the secondary brake calipers to move the pistons towards the brake drums or pads and this gets in contact with the rotating disc plate attached to the wheel and makes to stop the rotation by applying the required amount of pressure on it.

To avoid the air entering into the master cylinder, it is provided with a reservoir filled with brake oil, it used to supply the required amount of oil into the master cylinder after realizing the brake pedal with the help of inlet valve.

Working of a Master Cylinder:

Master cylinder consists of two stages of operation, one is primary and another is secondary. When we press the brake pedal the piston connected to the pedal moves inside the master cylinder and generates the pressure to supply the brake oil into the liners and enters into the brake calipers which contains secondary pistons arranged. When the brake oil enters into the Brake calipers the secondary pistons used to move against the brake pads or drums, by this pistons pressure on the drums or pads they get in contact with the rotating disc which is attached to the wheel of the vehicle to stop the rotation.


  Main Parts of Master Cylinder:


A piston is arranged inside the master cylinder to slide init to increase the pressure and helps to supply the required amount of brake oil when the brake pedal is pressed.


This used to prevent the entering of air into the master cylinder and supplies the brake oil with the help of the inlet valve.


Springs are used to transferring the required energy to the piston to move into its original position when the brake pedal is released.

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