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Properties of Absorbent in a vapour absorption refrigeration system

Properties of Absorbent in a refrigeration system:

An Absorbent is a working fluid in the refrigeration system. absorbent works as a temperature and pressure absorber.

Properties of Absorbent:

1) Absorbent should be stable with chemical reactions.
2) The specific heat of the Absorbent should be low.
3) Heat Liberated should be less.
4) Higher affinity is required.
5) It should contain a high boiling point than refrigerant.
6) The state of Absorbent should be in the liquid at the time of operation.
7) Absorbent should be less volatile than refrigerant.
8) It should be non-inflammable.
9) It viscosity should be low.
10) It should be Free From Corrosion.

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