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Advantages and disadvantages of A.C arc welding

Advantages and disadvantages of A.C arc welding:

A.C arc welding is a joining process used for metals and alloy metals. A.C arc welding generates Coalescence by heating using an electric arc.

Advantages of A.C arc welding:

  • A.C arc welding is a high-quality welding process.
  • A.c arc welding can obtain high electrical efficiency.
  • A.c arc welding operation is a simple process and easy to operate.
  • It required less maintenance.
  • Overall process cost is comparatively less.
  • It does not require highly skilled persons.

Disadvantages of A.C arc welding:

  • When the metal is operated under A.C arc welding proper cleaning should be required.
  • The metal should be free from wet.
  • In this type of welding, the arc developed is not high intensity.
  • It is not highly efficient and clean than D.C arc welding.
  • considerable heat cannot be changed.
  • It is not easy to operate at starting due to improper current flow.


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