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Advantages and disadvantages of capillary tube

Advantages and disadvantages of capillary tube:

Capillary tube is a device used to control the refrigeration system according to the working conditions. Capillary tube is used for a less capacity plant.The capillary tube has small diameter hole one end of the hole is connected to the evaporator and another end is connected to the condenser.

Advantages of capillary tube:

  • The capillary tube is more reliable and high accessibility.
  • The capillary tube has high resistance to friction.
  • It is easy to manufacture.
  • It is less expensive to use.
  • It is highly accurate in the working place.
  • The efficiency of the capillary tube can be increased to the maximum.
  • It also works as pressure reducing valve of refrigerant flow.
  • The torque required to start the compressor is less.
  • By using a capillary tube in the system, there is no need for an additional receiver.
  • This mostly used for small capacity systems.

Disadvantages of Capillary tube:

  • A Capillary tube designing should be made with accurate.
  • Capillary tube device is not useful at variable load.
  • High cleaning is required.
  • There should be no moister or any dirt particles in the tube.
  • Compressor leads to damage when there are any liquid particles remaining in the evaporator at the time of shut down.

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