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Advantages and disadvantages of pulverized coal firing

Advantages and disadvantages of pulverized coal firing:

Advantages of pulverized coal firing:

  • Pulverized coal produces more amount of heat.
  • By arranging the pulverized unit away from the furnace, the repairs can be solved easily.
  • With the help of pulverized coal, the combustion takes place successfully.
  • By using a pulverized coal the work can do effortlessly.
  • This type of process can help to burn low-grade coal easily.
  • By using the pulverized coal the surface area can be increased for burning.
  • This type of coal can increases the combustion rate.
  • This type of process eliminates the moving parts in the furnace and increases the working life.

Disadvantages of pulverized coal:

  • This type of process required additional equipment to crush the coal.
  • Additional equipment increases the capital cost.
  • To operate this type of process, it required skilled persons.
  • It required additional space.
  • It required a cooling system due to high temperature is created at the furnace.
  • Removing the ash produced by this type of process is difficult.
  • Safety should maintain properly due to high rate of burning may lead to an explosion.

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