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Brayton Cycle

Brayton Cycle:

The Brayton cycle is also called a joule cycle. Brayton cycle is applied in the Gas turbines. A gas turbine is used in power plants for generating power and a gas turbine is also used in aircraft engines. A gas turbine is the best example to understand the complete process of the Brayton cycle.

P-V Diagram of a Brayton Cycle:

From 1 to 2:  It is a reversible adiabatic or isentropic compression process.
From 2 to 3:  At this stage heat addition at constant pressure is done.
From 3 to 4: Reversible adiabatic process or isentropic expansion process takes place.
From 4 to 1: A constant pressure heat rejection takes place.

Gas turbine cycle concerning the Brayton cycle:

The air from the atmosphere enters into the compressor of the gas turbine, in the compressor, the air gets compressed to high pressure and further supplied into the combustion chamber, in this combustion chamber the air and fuel get mixed and burned. After the combustion process, hot gas is developed and this developed gas is supplied into the turbine to run the gas turbine. the hot gas developed in the combustion chamber o the gas turbine helps to rotate the common shat of compressor and turbine.
In the gas turbine cycle, if the gas turbine is connected to the generator then it is called a gas turbine power plant or when the turbine is connected to the exhaust then it is called an aircraft turbine.

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