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What do you mean by thermodynamics

What do you mean by thermodynamics?

In this article, we are going to learn about what do you mean by thermodynamics, Transformation of energy is known as thermodynamics.  Thermodynamics is the potential gradient that makes the energy flow ie, Energy and what is making an energy to flow is called thermodynamics. Thermo means energy which is many types and Dynamics is the transformation from one form to another form. The heat that converts into work and work that converts into heat is called transformation. Any particular thing which makes the energy flow is the dynamics.
Thermodynamics involves energy that can be stored form of energy or transition form of energy ie, flowing form of energy.  Stored forms of energy are many types like the energy of the system, Kinetic energy of the system, potential energy of the system, and chemical form of system. Transition form fo energy is two types they are heat and work.
In thermodynamics, there is also another type of classification in energy which is conservative and non-conservative. Conservative energy that can be stored and nono-conservative cannot be stored this is called the lost form of energy that can be friction energy, drag force, etc.

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