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How does a car immobiliser work?

Car Immobiliser & Working of a car Immobiliser:

Car Immobiliser

An immobilizer is an electronic security device that works with the help of signal processing or information processing. an immobilizer is used in automobiles to prevent the engine to start until the correct transponder key matches the immobilizer code. The car can only be started when it is unlocked using an original key.

Working of a car Immobiliser:

  • The most common type of immobilizer is the central locking system. The system works by sensing when a key has been inserted into the ignition and sending an electronic signal to the immobilizer, which prevents it from starting.
  • A car immobilizer works by preventing the engine of the vehicle from starting up, when the ignition key is turned on, electricity flows through its circuits, which unlock certain safety devices in your vehicle's system. These devices include many things like steering locks, seat belts, and child locks they may help you from being injured during an accident while driving your vehicle. When all these devices are unlocked they turn off their safety features to let you drive away safely. If one of these components fails to lock properly then there may be enough voltage available for the other parts to start working again which would allow you to drive away safely but without any protection against accidents. An immobilizer can be activated remotely using Bluetooth technology, and in some models, it may be possible to start the engine without any keys at all.

Advantages of Immobiliser:

  • The system can also be used to prevent thieves from stealing your car if you have had it stolen before you have reprogrammed it.
  • Immobilizer stores a code that can only match with the authorized key. the engine will not run until the code stored in the immobilizer and authorized key matches. this type of system prevents the vehicle form thefts.
  • All the controlling system is present in the ECU when the code saved in the immobilizer and authorized key matches, ECU closes the circuit and supplies the fuel for the combustion process.
  • Most of the modern cars have this device init for high security and safety purpose.
  • Car mobilizer can be disable if you do not required it.
  • Once all these components have been unlocked, any movement of your keys will cause them to become disengaged from each other allowing your vehicle's electrical systems to work again normally.

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