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Importance of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid:

What is Transmission Fluid & What Does Transmission Fluid Do?
Transmission fluid is a type of  liquid that acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission.Transmission fluid is one of the most important and commonly used in automobile engines to reduce the heat, friction and lubricates the parts for the smooth function of an engine. Transmission fluid is used to decrease the temperature of engine parts and helps to run the engine more efficiently. Because the Transmission fluid is an 'In-compressible fluid' it can be used in high pressure or heat developed engines.

Transmission fluid should be changed in the correct time because the additive properties present in the transmission fluid decrease the capacity to observe the heat and friction between the parts, this may cause a huge effect on engine parts which decreases the efficiency, output, and power loss. Loss of additive properties in transmission fluid causes damage to various engine parts and decreases the working life of an engine parts.
Transmission fluid make simple and smooth in shifting gears, and this fluid also works as protection from wearing.
Transmission fluid is different for different car types. Both automatic and manual transmission cars need transmission fluid for smooth unction and long life of parts.The thickness of manual transmission car fluid is more than automatic transmission car.

Why Transmission Fluid is Important to Change & What Happens If we Don't Change Transmission Fluid?
Transmission fluid is Important to change in regular Intervals because changing of transmission fluid
will increase life time of your cars parts like Gears, Over heating, Reducing Engine Noise & More.If you don't Change Transmission Fluid in regular intervals of time this may cause trouble at Shifting Gears, Transmission Slipping, Noise, Overheating, etc.

How Often you Have to Change your Transmission Fluid?
Changing the time interval of your transmission fluid depends upon the vehicle you are using and the specification recommended by the manufacturing company. Most of the cars will have common intervals from 7,000 KM to 8,500 KM that we are using for general purposes cars. But we should follow the specifications given by the manufactured company.

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