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What are Superchargers? Working, Types & Advantages

What are Superchargers? Working, Types & Advantages

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What are Superchargers?

Superchargers were first invented by Frankford Arsenal engineer George B. Selden. A Supercharger is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of the inlet air which supplies into the combustion chamber. A supercharger compresses the air entering into the inlet manifold, this increases the pressure of air and helps.

Superchargers are a part of the electric drive system used in an internal combustion engine. They produce a greater amount of energy than they consume. they are particularly used to increase the power output of an engine and also help to improve fuel efficiency.

Superchargers are used to increase the power of an engine. They are located on the front or rear of a vehicle, and they can be installed in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft. The supercharger has two basic functions: it compresses air for more power by using high-pressure pumps, and it forces this compressed air into the engine through turbochargers.

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Working of A Supercharger:

Superchargers compress air and pressurize it into the cylinders. When you accelerate from rest, the mixture of air and fuel is burned incompletely because the pressure isn't high enough for complete combustion. Superchargers boost this pressure by compressing air into the cylinders which increases its density and therefore makes it possible for more fuel to be burned with each cycle.

Types of Superchargers:

There are different types of superchargers including Roots-type supercharger, centrifugal supercharger, turbo-supercharged cylinder head (T-SCH), Turbine compressor driven exhaust gas recuperator (TCER), etc...To achieve high compression ratio automakers are using turbocharged direct injection engines that rely on forced induction rather than depending on mechanical means such as supercharging or turbocharging as their predecessors did before them.

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