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Paper Battery, Construction Of Paper Battery and Advantages Of Paper Battery

Paper Battery, Construction Of Paper Battery and Advantages Of Paper Battery

Paper Battery: 

A paper battery is an ultra-thin energy storage device that is flexible. This battery is made up of Carbon nano-tubes with a conventional sheet of cellulose-based paper which allows the device to conduct electricity. Carbon nano-tubes exhibit unique electrical properties and are efficient thermal conductors. In this battery Carbon nano-tubes which are applied on the stainless steel works as electrodes. a paper battery is also works as a super-capacitor. this type of battery is non-toxic.Paper Batteries work similarly to conventional batteries with flexible, more efficient, non-corrosive compared to conventional batteries.

Construction Of Paper Battery:

There are few methods to manufacture paper battery First, to make the electrodes by using the thin carbon nano-tubes film coating onto stainless steel using substrates solution-based process, this substrate is used to remove the dried carbon nanotube film, this dried film works as electrodes in the paper battery. The dried films are pasted to electrolyte lithium titanate and another to electrolyte lithium cobalt oxide. these two electrolytes are pasted by separating with a paper in the middle of them. 

Advantages Of Paper Battery:

  • These are light in weight, rugged.
  • Environment friendly
  • This can be used as a capacitor.
  • These are more flexible.
  • long-lasting
  • non-toxic.
  • Steady power production.


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