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What is thermodynamics?

The transformation of energy is known as thermodynamics.  Thermodynamics is the potential gradient that makes the energy flow ie, Energy, and what is making energy to flow is called thermodynamics. Thermo means energy which is many types and Dynamics is the transformation from one form to another form. The heat that converts into work and work that converts into heat is called transformation. Any particular thing which makes the energy flow is the dynamics.

What is Critical Cooling Rate?

Critical Cooling Rate is the lowest cooling rate which is used to form a hard structure that contains a brittle solid solution of carbon in iron. this method obtains hardened steel which has less cracking and low distortion in hardening.

Difference between D.C Motor and D.C Generator?

D.C Motor is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical work. D.C Generator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Difference bbetween a Fission and Fusion?

Fission:  When the neutrons are bombarded with nucleons, large nucleons are used to form into more/large fragments. this is also known as the nuclear reaction or radioactive decay.
Fusion: In this reaction, two or smaller Nucleic are used to form into a larger nucleus. 

What is an Induction Motor?

The Induction motor is an electric motor used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
1. Single phase
2. Three-phase motor.

What is Internal energy, Heat, and Work?

 Internal Energy: The energy is from the molecular arrangement and the motion of molecules, by this the energy is possessed in the boundaries of the system.
 Heat: Heat is a type of transition energy, without the mass transfer, the energy of the system can cross the boundaries. by this temperature difference can occur.
 Work: It is similar to that of heat, it is an energy that is transferred. when the force is applied to the object it moves in the direction of force applied.

 Difference between a Soldering and Brazing?

Soldering is a method of joining different types of metals with help of molten metal is called Soldering. Brazing is also the process of joining different metals or non-metals by using filler metal is called brazing.

 What is a Venturimeter?

 Venturimeter is a measuring instrument or a device used for measuring the rate of flow of fluid in the pipe.

 what is an induction motor?

The Induction motor is an electric motor used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

 What is a Turbine?

A Turbine is a rotary mechanical device the energy gets from fluid flow and converts it into useful work.

Difference between jigs and fixtures?

Jigs: Jigs is a device used to control the tool and placed in a required path. Jigs can operate more than one tool at a time to work on the same machining piece
 Fixtures: The fixture is a device used to hold the work. This device also places the work piece with respect to the tool action. In this type of system, the cutting tool does not get direct contact with it.

What is machinability?

The characteristics of the material make it easier to cut or machine with desired factors.


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