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Wire Less Power Transmission (WPT)

Wire Less Power Transmission (WPT): 

Wire Less Power Transmission was first introduced by Nikola Tesla. Wire Less Power Transmission does not require a wire connection in between the power source and a consuming device. this type of transmission is introduced to transfer with more reliable and efficient. It helps to reduce the electrical energy losses happen in wire transmission. In wireless power transmission, magnetic and inductive couplings are most technologies used in present days for fast transferring in power. For far-field energy transfer Laser, Radiative or Microwaves are used. 

Types Of Wire Less Power Transmission:

Wire Less Power Transmission techniques are Radiative and non-radiative. In radiative, the power is transferred over a long distance using laser, radio waves, or microwaves this is also called far-field, and a non-radiative is used to transfer the power over a short distance this is also called near-field.
This type of power transmission is useful at interconnecting wires that are inconvenient and where wires connections are hazardous. Wire Less Power Transmission is not much developed because of technological limitations resulted from a more demanding design required for power compared to data transfer.


 Different types of technologies used in WPT:
Magnetic Coupling.
Inductive Coupling.
Resonant Inductive Coupling.
Laser transmission.
Microwaves transmission.
Advantages of  Wire Less Power Transmission:

  •  It is more reliable and efficient.
  •  There is no E-Waste.
  •  This type of transmission is more safe and easy.
  •  Maintenance is less.
  •  Loss of energy is reduced which happens in wire transmission.
  •  This type of transmission can improve the power supply to remote areas.

Disadvantages of  Wire Less Power Transmission:

  •   It is radioactive in nature.
  •  Initial cost is high.
  •  Interference may arise due to microwaves.
  •  Safety levels should be followed in field strength.

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