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Ultrasonic Welding Process : Principle, Working, Parts, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Ultrasonic Welding Process : Principle, Working, Parts, Advantages and Disadvantages.

The Ultrasonic Welding Process is used to join the two parts together. This welding process is also used to join dissimilar materials and thermoplastic materials. In the Ultrasonic welding process intense frictional heating is used to join the metals, heat is generated by the friction between the two metals with the help of high Ultrasonic vibration with high frequency.

Working of Ultrasonic Welding:

Ultrasonic Welding is a solid-state welding process that joins the two parts by generating intense frictional heating with the help of high-frequency vibration. This high-frequency vibration creates friction between the two parts, with this friction heat energy is produced which leads to melting the interface of joining parts. the molten material flows into the joint interface and joint strength is increased when the molten area gets cools and solidifies. Different parts are placed in this machine to transfer electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Parts of Ultrasonic Welding:


Generator is used to transfer the electrical power to the transducer by converting it into electrical energy.


It is also known as a converter. It converts the received electrical energy into mechanical motion which helps to develop vibrations.


Boosters are used to control the amplitude of vibrations. these vibrations are controlled according to the work which makes work more efficient.


Horn receives the vibrations from the booster and further vibrations can be controlled in the horn according to the work, and the final vibrations are applied on the workpiece to finish the work.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding Process:

  • This is a fast process to joint the parts.
  • This type of welding is more efficient.
  • This is a clean process.
  • Heat affected zone is minimized.
  • this is process produces high strength at joints.
  • The weld surface is clean and stronger.
  • Dissimilar metals can be welded.
  • This is a repeatable process.
  • It decreases the cost of assembly.
  • It can be operated by low-skilled persons.

Disadvantages Ultrasonic Welding Process:

  • Due to high Vibrations, there may be a chance of electrical components damage.
  • It is a high-cost operation process.
  • Tooling required special design.
  • The cost of the tool is high.
  • It cannot weld the thick metals.


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