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What is Air Suspension System?

An air suspension system is a type of automotive suspension that uses compressed air to reduce vehicle height by lowering the springs. it provides a smoother ride and offers a more comfortable experience. which ensures that the driving experience is always at its best.The main benefit is that it makes driving safer and more comfortable. It allows the driver to drive at a much slower speed on rough roads or in corners where a conventional suspension would normally be unsafe. In addition, this gives better control of the car over conventional suspension.

An air suspension system is a type of suspension that uses the air spring to absorb shock and distribute it evenly throughout the vehicle. It has been used in many vehicles, particularly large trucks and SUVs, where the ride quality would otherwise be adversely affected by a rigid suspension.

Air suspensions also incorporate an automatic leveling function which helps reduce wear and tear on bumpy roads, provides more accurate ride height adjustment, improves handling, reduces tire wear, improves fuel economy, eliminates road-noise, etc.

 Air suspension systems are designed to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle. This can be done by using an air spring instead of a traditional coil spring.

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Components of Air Suspension System:

An air suspension system is usually made up of two main components:

Control Unit:

The first component is the control unit which controls the operation of the compressor and valve that enable the suspension to work. It also contains circuitry that prevents fluid from leaking out when it should not be working.


The second component is the compressor which pressurizes nitrogen gas into your car's fluid reservoir, where it acts as a cushion for your body during bumps in the road. The pressure generated by this compressor will keep all parts of your car suspended evenly on top of each other without any visible bounce or shake during driving, thus giving you a smoother ride.

Advantages of Air Suspension System:

  • It has advantages over other suspensions systems because it does not require any modifications to existing parts of the vehicle.
  • There are some key benefits that air suspension provides:
  • This makes your car lighter, which helps you achieve better fuel economy and gives you more comfort on highways.
  • Increased Comfort - air suspension reduces body roll, resulting in less body jarring during cornering and improved ride quality at highway speeds.
  • Being a lightweight system, air suspension is easy to instal.
  • The design makes it possible for users to adjust their own settings for their particular driving conditions using simple tools like screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • As a result, drivers can enjoy greater control over their vehicles' handling characteristics as well as have an improved level of comfort while driving at all times.

Dis-advantages of Air Suspension System:

  • It is an expensive thing to maintain.
  • It does not work properly under snow places.
  • These systems require frequent maintenance
  • It wears out quickly
  • it required skill person to replace it.


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