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Automatic Lubrication System:Types, Components & Advantages

Automatic Lubrication System - Types and Components

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Automatic Lubrication System:

A lubrication system is used to increase the operational performance in automobiles or industrial machinery. by lubricating the parts the process gets smoother and can avoid early damages through wearing, overheating, surface fatigue, etc. There are two types of systems available:
1. Oil System & 

2. Grease System

The functionality of Oil and Grease is similar but according to the requirement they are used.


The oil system is generally used in Milling Machines, Automobile Engines, etc.Oil is a liquid lubricant that is generally used to lubricate the engine parts which decrease the temperature and helps to run the engine smoothly and it also helps from wearing the parts early which avoids replacements and maintenance


Grease System is used in heavy-duty machinery like Heavy Vehicles, Mining Machines, Construction Machinery, etc. Grease is a semisolid lubricant that is mostly used in heavy machinery parts like bearings, couplings, heavy cables, etc.

Components of automatic lubrication system:


It controls the system when to activate. when lubrication is required the controller gets activated and guides for a further distribution process.


The pump is used to supply the required lubrication to different parts.


Injector helps to supply the lubricant to required points.

Feed Lines:

These are the points that make a contact with injectors to receive the lubricant.

Types Automatic Lubrication System:

Single Line Progressive Automatic Lubrication System:

A single line progressive system uses lubricant to flow through individual cycle for metering valves and valve assemblies.

Single line parallel:

A single line parallel system can service a single machine, different points on a single machine or even on separate machines.


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Dual Line Parallel Automatic Lubrication System:

A dual line parallel system is similar to the single line parallel system in that it uses hydraulic pressure to operate this system

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Multi point direct lubricator:

It helps to-dispense a fixed amount of lubricant to each individual lubrication point


Advantages of  Automatic Lubrication System:

  • It is more effective than the manual type.
  • It is safer to use.
  • It is more consistent.
  • More accurate than manual and can avoid excess amount of lubricant.
  • It is more productive.

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