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Automobile Chassis - Construction & Function

Automobile Chassis – Construction & Function

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Automobile Chassis:

A chassis is a metal frame on which the body of an automobile, trailer, or other vehicle is mounted.
The term comes from the French "chassis", meaning 'foundations' or 'skeleton'.
A chassis is a type of structural component used in automobiles and motorcycles. It provides the base for the engine, transmission, steering, suspension system, and other major components. A car's chassis consists of an assembly of an interconnected metal or non-metal parts that supports and protects most of the vehicle's weight.

Automobile Chassis

Construction & Function of Chassis:

The chassis of an automobile is an essential part of the vehicle and its structure. The main function of the chassis is to provide stability and structural integrity for the body in which it is installed. Chassis can be made from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or any other material depending on the type of vehicles like SUV's, sedan, and Pickup vehicles that has a front engine with four wheels. These vehicles are also known as trucks. They can be used for light to medium duty applications such as delivering goods, carrying cargo, hauling equipment, and even transporting people.
The other type of vehicle is SUV which stands for a sport utility vehicle.
The part under the hood that holds all this together is called a subframe. The subframe provides mounting points for various suspension components including control arms, ball joints, tie rods, and bushings.
There is also a unibody construction that has individual chassis frames but some of the manufacturers have deserted it, these are still referred to as chassis due to their historical use in passenger cars where protection against collision was paramount.
A chassis is a small box or container that houses different component. It usually has a cover and is used to support and protect the components from dust, moisture, and other environmental hazards.
In the automotive industry, three types of boxes can be found in most vehicles: engine compartments (a box where the engine sits), radiator/cooling system (a box for holding heat-exchanger tubes), and fuel tank (an external container where gasoline is stored).
There are a lot of other containers in vehicles like the trunk area that contain spare tires, glove compartments that contain tools. there is also an available storage place.

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