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Difference between Fan and Blower

Difference between Fan and Blower

Difference between Fan & Blower: Blower and fan are both air moving machines,  Blowers can be used to move air, while fans can be used to circulate air, blowers are usually more powerful than fans. A blower is a device that moves air through a specific controlled system. A fan is a common electrical appliance used to move air or to circulate the air.

The Main difference between Blower and Fan are explained as follows:


  • Blower is used to move air from one place to another through a sealed duct they can produce greater amounts of pressure at higher speeds.
  • Blowers can be powered by mechanical systems.
  • Boilers are used for heavy-duty applications.
  • Blowers are also widely used in industrial applications because they help to increase the airflow. through a system without using too much power.
  • Blowers are mostly used at maximum airflow of air within their system.
  • Blowers tend to be more expensive.
  • Blowers More maintenance and have higher operating costs.


  • A Fan is used to cool things down by circulating air through the radiator.
  • A fan is an air-conditioning device used to remove hot air from a building's interior space while keeping cool air in the building at all times.
  •  fan uses electricity as its energy source
  • Fans work on kinetic energy.
  • A fan is used to circulate air inside the room.
  • Fans required little maintenance.
  • A fan is a mechanical device that moves air around inside the room, providing ventilation and removing heat from the space.

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