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Applications of Scuderi Split Cycle Engine

What is a Scuderi Split Cycle Engine:

A Scuderi Split Cycle Engine is a type of split-cycle internal combustion engine. It has two cylinders, each with its crankshaft and camshafts. The Combustion chamber and compressor are combined to form a complete system. The pistons are connected to the crankshaft via connecting rods that are attached to the piston at their ends by tappets.
The Scuderi Split Cycle Engine is mainly used in power generation.  
This process takes place in a special type of gas turbine known as a regenerative or Scuderi split-cycle engine.
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Applications Scuderi split-cycle engine:

  1. Energy generation
  2. Power Generation/Utilities -generating electricity from mechanical energy using wind, solar, biomass, and other sources.
  3. Oil & Gas -generating electricity from a chemical reaction.
  4. Water Treatment -Generating electricity from water pressure (e.g., low-pressure sewage pumps) 
  5. Construction – Generating electricity for electric drills and other tools.
  6. Construction Equipment – Generating electricity for jackhammers, excavators, impact wrenches, and similar equipment; 
  7. HVAC Systems – Generating electricity for HVAC systems.

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