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Difference between Electric Field and Magnetic Field

Difference between Electric Field and Magnetic Field

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What is an Electric Fields?

  • The Electric Fields are the energy fields that are created by electromagnetic waves, which are produced by the electric current in the wires of a power grid or other similar sources.
    Electric fields are electric forces between electrically charged particles in the vicinity of one another. 
  • They are produced by electric charges at rest and accelerate charged particles, making them move. This phenomenon is used in many areas of science, including physics and medicine.
  • Electric fields are used to control electronic devices, often by detecting the presence or absence of charges. They are also used to produce magnetic fields for various purposes.
  • The strength of an electric field is measured in volts per meter (V/m). 
    Electric Field

What is a Magnetic Fields?

  • The magnetic field is an invisible force that surrounds every single particle in the universe. It acts like a net, capturing or repelling objects according to their magnetic charge. A magnetic field is the region of space in which a force of magnetism acts on moving electric charges. The direction of this force depends on the orientation of the magnetic fields.  the direction of the magnetic field lines changes as a function of time due to an external source that provides an external magnetic field.
  • A magnetic field has two components: a horizontal magnetic field and a vertical magnetic field. The horizontal component of the magnetic field causes the movement of electrons within an atom or molecule, The vertical component results from Coulomb's law, which states that every point in space carries a small electric charge (e).
  • It can be measured with very sensitive instruments called magnetometers.
  • The SI unit for magnetic field is the Tesla (T), equal to one newton per ampere/second squared.
  •  Magnetic fields are relatively easy to generate, and it is possible to create very powerful fields using relatively small amounts of energy.
  • magnetic levitation trains use a strong magnetic field in order to move their wheels above the track without touching it. In certain situations, such as nuclear fusion research or the production of artificial diamonds, magnetic fields are extremely important.
  • The main advantage of these fields is that they are highly focused and have a very high intensity.
  • They can be used to store data and information, so it is possible to use them as a form of digital storage.

Magnetic Field

Difference Between an Electric Field and a Magnetic Field:

  • The electric field is a vector whereas the magnetic field is a scalar quantity.
  • Magnetic Field is caused by moving Electric Charges while Electric Fields are caused by stationary Electrons.
  • Electric field is the electric force that acts on a charged particle and causes it to move.
  • Magnetic field is the magnetic force that acts on a moving charge.
  • Magnetic fields are produced by magnets and electromagnets.
  • Electric fields are created by electric charges and flow through wires.
  • Electric field describes the strength and direction of the flow of electricity in space.
  •  Magnetic fields are used in many applications, including the production of electrical power and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Electric fields are used in a variety of areas. The most common use is in the production of semiconductors, such as transistors and diodes.
  • Electric fields can use to control the motion of electrons in metals.
  • Electric Fields are used for measuring properties of materials using spectroscopy.

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