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Difference Between Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Difference between Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Hydraulics and Pneumatics are two related technologies that work in the same way. 

What is Hydraulic System?

  • Hydraulics is a fluid-mechanical system. It uses fluid as its working medium to control mechanical components such as valves, pumps, and actuators which make up the hydraulic assembly. Hydraulics is the process of providing the necessary force to move fluids in hydraulic systems. This movement can be on either a constant or variable flow basis.
  • Hydraulic pumps can be used for many different applications, including aircraft control systems, fire suppression, water supply, flood control and agricultural irrigation.

What is Pneumatics System?

  • Pneumatic is a gas-mechanical system and Pneumatic is also called air pressure technology. Pneumatic uses gases as its working medium to control mechanical components such as valves, solenoids, and compressors which make up the pneumatic assembly. It provides an electric, mechanical or pneumatic motive power for moving fluids in pneumatically controlled systems.
    Pneumatic are commonly used in air compressors and for industrial process automation.

Difference between Hydraulic and Pneumatic system:

  • The main difference between these two is that Pneumatic use compressed air while hydraulics use pressurized liquids like water, oil, etc.
  • The hydraulic system involves the use of hydraulic power for generating motion or movement.
  • In a Pneumatic System Comprehensibility of air is easy Where Liquid can't be compressed.
  • Pneumatic produces the motion by means of air pressure.
  • The hydraulic system required more maintenance than Pneumatic System.
  • Hydraulic system uses fluid(water) whereas Pneumatic uses air(air). Both fluids are under pressure but different mechanisms are used for working with them.
  • Pneumatic System is less expensive compared to Hydraulic System.
  • Pneumatic System is more flexible than  Hydraulic System.
  • Pneumatic equipment is less subject to shock damage.
  • Controlling the ability to pressure, speed and force is high in Pneumatic System Compared to Hydraulic System.

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