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Difference between motor oil and transmission fluid?

Difference between motor oil and transmission fluid:

The main difference between the motor oil and transmission fluid is motor oil is used for lubricating the moving parts of the engine while transmission fluid is used to lubricate the gears inside a transmission. 

Transmission Fluid:

  • Transmission fluid keeps the gears from grinding against each other or from stripping off.
  • Transmission fluid on the other hand transfers power from one gear to another without using friction or wear. The problem with transmission fluid, however, is that it can get dirty very easily due to its chemical composition, making it less effective at transmitting power. 
  • Transmission fluid prevents any damage caused by the gearbox.  
  • Transmission fluid is made up of synthetic base oils and mineral additives which are blended together by manufacturers to meet certain performance requirements. It can be changed whenever it becomes low or if there are signs of contamination, but when you change your motor oil, it should not be done too often because frequent changes may affect your engine performance.

Motor Oil:

  • Motor oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine so that it can operate smoothly and without excessive wear and tear. 
  • Motor oil helps in keeping your engine lubricated so that it can run smoothly. 
  • Motor oil protects moving parts of an engine by creating a film on them that prevents friction and wear, which keeps the engine in good condition. 

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