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Difference between Synthetic oil and conventional oil

Difference between Synthetic oil and conventional oil: 

Both synthetic and conventional oil is used to Lubricate engine parts to run smoothly. These oils also help from wearing out parts early and help for efficient output.

what is Synthetic oil?

  • Synthetic oil is a type of oil that is made by refining crude oil and mixed with additives. Synthetic oil contains additives that are added to petroleum during its production process. They have been refined to reduce their viscosity and increase their specific gravity at room temperature to make them suitable.

What is Conventional oil?

  • Conventional oil is extracted from oil-bearing rocks and then refined into various grades of petroleum products. Conventional oils can be made from either crude or refined petroleum products.
  • Conventional oils are petroleum-based products that lubricate engine parts and help keep them running smoothly, while synthetic lubricants do the same thing but with fewer harmful chemicals. 

Difference between Synthetic oil and conventional oil:

  • Conventional oils can be made from either crude or refined petroleum products, while synthetic lubricants are created by combining base oils with additives to make a final product. Synthetic oils have many advantages over conventional ones: 
  • Most synthetic motor oils are more resistant to corrosion than conventional mineral-based oils, so they last longer without deteriorating due to oxidation.
  • Since synthetics don't contain toxic substances like sulfur and lead, they won't harm catalytic converters or rubber seals in the engine compartment. This means you can drive with no fear of damaging components inside your vehicle's engine bay! 
  • Many synthetics have superior friction modifiers that reduce wear on critical components in an engine that requires friction control (for example camshafts). As a result, synthetic lubricants tend to last longer between changes than most conventional oils.
  • Synthetic oil has the advantage of being more efficient than traditional oil. Synthetic oils are usually more expensive than conventional oils, but they are also better for engines because they do not contain harmful chemicals like sulfur and lead.
  • synthetic oils are not very effective for diesel engines or heavy-duty vehicles.

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