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Electron beam welding: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electron beam welding?

Advantages Electron beam welding:

  1. It can produce a high surface finish.
  2. Work done by this machining is highly accurate.
  3. It can machine small diameter holes.
  4. High drilling rates are available.
  5. Less fumes are produced during welding.
  6. The higher melting point for some materials.
  7. Any material can be machined.
  8. It does not produce heat at the point where the weld is being made. Instead, electrons are used to melt the material. 

Disadvantages Electron beam welding:

  1. This can only remove less amount of material from the work-piece.
  2. Higher cost More expensive consumables (high-speed machine, consumable parts).
  3. Not suitable for thin sheet metal.
  4. More maintenance is required.
  5. It is a slow speed compared to other methods and the time required for proper preparation before welding.
  6. Skilled operated members can only operate.
  7. Equipment cost is high.

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