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Magneto ignition system: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magneto Ignition System?

Advantages of Magneto Ignition System 

  1. The efficiency of the Magneto ignition system is much higher than that of a conventional type.
  2.  they require less maintenance
  3. It generates less sound.
  4. It is not a complex mechanism.
  5. It is highly efficient.
  6. It is very reliable.
  7.  It also reduces emissions and fuel consumption by reducing spark knock and misfires.
  8. lower wear rate reduces the maintenance cost.
  9. The Magneto ignition has a very low noise level compared to other ignition systems 
  10. Better engine power output is obtained by using Magneto ignition.
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Disadvantages of Magneto Ignition System 

  1. Magneto ignition systems are not the best option for high-performance engines because they produce less power than electronic ignitions.
  2. It requires periodic maintenance 
  3. The initial cost is more.
  4. It takes time to ignite due to its slow speed which makes the engine very sluggish at startup. 
  5. The sparks generated by this kind of ignition are too weak for efficient combustion

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