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Roller burnishing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roller burnishing?

Roller burnishing is a surface finishing technique in which the workpiece or part is polished by rolling over it with a roller. It involves two basic types of operation:

The first type of operation, called polishing, smooths the surface by removing material through abrasion. The second type of operation, called burnishing, restores material to its original shape by removing scratches and other irregularities that might have been left on the surface after polishing.

Advantages of Roller Burnishing:

  1. Roller burnishing provides an even finish on parts with irregular surfaces.
  2. It also produces less heat than conventional grinding techniques 
  3. It does not require rapid speed changes to remove burrs and debris from the workpiece's surfaces. 
  4. The noise generated by the machine is much less than that of other methods used to polish wheels
  5. Roller burnishing also produces low friction against components during operation this helps in reducing wear and improving component reliability.
  6. This is a more Economical process.
  7. Roller burnished parts require less lubrication than rolled parts do thereby increasing their service life expectancy by reducing friction between moving parts.
  8. It is faster than any other method used for grinding wheel, polishing wheel, or belt polisher. 

Disadvantages of roller Burnishing:

  1. Burnished surfaces tend to be harder than polished.
  2. When heat treatment is required for hardening or tempering certain materials (such as cast iron), roller burnishing can lead to undesirable thermal effects such as distortion and porosity in the final product.
  3. It requires a high-speed spindle with great bearing quality.
  4. It creates marks on the surface.
  5. It requires more space for setup.
  6. It can also cause marks, pits, and other defects on the surface if an unskilled person operates.
  7. A skilled person is required to get a smooth surface.

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