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Scuderi Split Cycle Engine: Advantages Disadvantages

Scuderi Split Cycle Engine: Advantages Disadvantages 

Advantages of Scuderi Split Cycle Engine:

  1. Scuderi Split Cycle Engine has several advantages over other engines like it does not require high temperatures like other engines do, hence less wear and tear on them, this also reduces maintenance cost too. 
  2. Scuderi Split Cycle Engine can be used at any temperature between -30 °C and +300 °C whereas most other engines cannot work below zero degree Celsius due to their design which makes them more expensive than Scuderi Split Cycle Engine. 
  3. It is more reliable.
  4. Scuderi Split Cycle Engine is very efficient as compared to other split-cycle engine designs because it utilizes less space for cooling so they are compact machines. These qualities make Scuderi Split Cycle Engine very suitable for power generation applications where space is at a premium such as coal-fired plants, peat-fired plants, etc.

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Disadvantages of Scuderi Split Cycle Engine:

  1. It is the most complicated engine with great complexity of motion, which makes it difficult to understand the functioning of the machine. 
  2.  The weight is higher than that of other engines because it has got two flywheels instead of one.
  3.  There are less chances for performance increase as compared to other engines.
  4.  It consumes more energy than an equivalent motor powered by an internal combustion engine.
  5.  Sensors are not easy to maintain and can be damaged easily.
  6.  Need constant lubrication.
  7.  Higher cost for repairing parts. 
  8.  High in cost and complex construction.
  9.  Lubrication system needs regular care. 
  10. "Scuderi Split Cycle Engine" is the most complex engine with high complexity in comparison to all others.

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